Kyrgyzstan is real paradise for the wild life. Mountains, rivers, canyons and alpin meadows are playground for the wild animals, birds, fishes and vegetables. I’m Nomad is ecosustanaible company. We want to preserve our virgin nature and wild life. During your tours with us, you enjoy the pure and fresh air, virgin nature and variuos vegetables. 

 Fauna of Kyrgyzstan 

The fauna of Kyrgyzstan is very rich. Nomads and surrounding them animals lived in harmony, respecting each other for a long time ago. The incredible natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan and four seasons following each other make good conditions for animals. There are more than 500 varieties of fauna. They are Pisces 75 varieties, Aves 368 varieties, mammals 86 varieties, Reptilian 28 varieties, amphibian 4 varieties. The more interesting is that you can see only animals those are in the Red Book such as Snow Leopard. The big problem in shepherd’s life are wolves now a day. Wolves prey on domestic animals, are very dangerous than snow leopard and bear. That is why government allows them to hunt all year around. 

Flora of Kyrgyzstan 

The nature is not the same all over the world. There are lands, countries with reach nature, at the same time there are lands, countries with poor nature. The Kyrgyz’s flora is reach and variety. The local flora is meal, medicament, accommodation and head for nomad people.There are 3676 small and 3786 large varieties of flora. There are 600 varieties of wild including 200 varieties of healing flora in our Republic.The mirrors of our beautiful land are Grieg tulip, Kaufman tulip and tulip of Kopakovskii, Tien- Shan fire-tree, and edelweiss. The best known is the queen of Tien-Shan, one type of fire-tree.In Soviet time when Silver Birch was transplanted with it was brought disease for fire tree. This disease is not dangerous for human. At the time, Kyrgyz government treats all forests time by time.Unfortunately, there is no enough information about flora of Kyrgyz Republic. We have the facts which were explored at the Soviet time.