Terms & Policy


Responsibility of I’m Nomad :

- I’M NOMAD is committed to providing the benefits mentioned in the program, at a higher quality. 

- Choosing the right course and safe for your safety ( Inappropriate and insecure areas. 

- Radioactive , infectious, strikes, war situations )A competent selection of service providers ( guides, drivers , vehicles , accommodation and catering) negotiations and their prices in order to guarantee the success of your holiday. 

- Actively participate in the planning of your stay. 

Payment modality:

- To book a trip, I’M NOMAD ask you to pay 100$ of deposit by bank transfer. In case of the cancellation of the trip, the half of the deposit will returned. 
- The rest of the total amount must to be paid in cash upon your arrival in Bishkek. Or send by bank transfer 5 days before of the starting of the trip. 
- Please note that all payments must be in cash must and can only be accepted in only denominations of $50 or more, in good conditions. This is to do with small notes having low rates of exchange.

Modification of the program and price by I’M NOMAD or by customers:

- I’M NOMAD reserves the right , in some cases, to change the price after booking the trip. The price change can occur after an increase in transport costs (including fuel prices ) the introduction or increase of taxes and official charges ( government tax ) or a change in exchange rates . 

- In the case of price change I’M NOMAD warn you in advance via e-mail of a change . 

- The program may be modified by customers (with the agreement of the group) , in case of bad weather, lack of physical preparation, and emergency / unforeseen situations , falling rocks on the road or danger. I’M NOMAD will offer an alternative to keep the price steady or, reserves the right to request additional price depending on the situation. 

- If the customer is forced to cancel unexpectedly due to an emergency, I’M NOMAD will calculate the cancellation fee and will refund the rest of the money paid.

Personal travel insurance :

- Final price does not account for the cost personsal travel insurance 
- I’M NOMAD recommends that you to have a repatriation insurance which includes worldwide health policy. 
- I’M NOMAD does not carry baggage insurance. All guests are responsible for their own baggage insurance.