World Nomad Games – September 2023

Ethnic Festival of Asian countries 
Thousands years ago there came a division into farmers and nomads that led completely different lifestyles. The Kyrgyz were always nomads that moved from one pasture to another, in summers going up high to the mountains and would spend winters in valleys. This is reflected in the everyday life, traditions and entertainment of the people. Today anyone can visit different ethnic festivals but to see the whole cultural richness you should visit the World Nomads Games that were held the first time in 2014.This event does not only gather local craftsmen, riders, artists, but also included other nomad people from Asia. Delegations from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, Russia, Turkey and other countries arrive at this festival. Contests between countries are held in different games that existed in their cultures for centuries: races, horse games, falconry, wrestling and etc. According to organizers’ idea ‘World Nomads Games’ will soon become an analogy of Olympic Games and will grow into the project ‘World Ethnic Games’.For tourists, the World Nomads Games festival is a great opportunity to get to know the culture of the country, its peculiarities, history and of course find souvenirs and hand-made craft works that are created in front of your eyes. The festival will not leave anyone indifferent, and because it lasts for a few days and various events take place in different places, this festival trip will be very rich.