Trekking to ala kul and son kul lakes – 18 days



Day 1 / Transfer Bishkek – Chon Kemin: 

Reception at the airport by the guide translator and driver. Transfer to downtown for a little rest and shower in a guest house. Lunch in a restaurant in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan. Discussion and a brief explaining of the program by guide. Departure to the National Park Chon Kemin. On the road we visit the Burana Tower, dated from the 11th century BC. In the afternoon arrival to the village Karool Dobo, accommodation in a local homestay. Walk and explore the village which is located in the National Park with the richness of flora and fauna.

Day 2 / National Park Chon-Kemin > Canyon Konorchek, Bokonbaeva (1780 m):

In the morning, we head to Lake Issyk-Kul, the pearl of Tien Shan. On the way, we walk around the red canyon Konorchek. 2 hours of walking and exploring. Lunch in a restaurant before arriving to the Lake Issyk-Kul. Following the road through the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. We have a few stops with a craftsman yurt and traditional hunter with eagle. During the meeting, we discover the secrets of making the yurt and hunting with the eagle. At the end of the day, arriving to the village Bokonbaeva. Installation and dinner in a local guest house.

Day 3 / Tamga > Chon kyzyl Suu, Kashka Tor (2640 m):

Morning transfer to the Chon Kyzyl Suu Valley. In the market situated in the town of Pakrovka, we buy everything we need for 8 days trekking in the heart of the chain Terskei Ala Too. Starting at the point of meeting with our horses and horse guide. Outdoor picnic. Trek starting from Chon Kyzyl-Suu Valley. We follow the road to the refuge of metereologique station. Here we go to Kashka Tor valley. Setting up camp in the Kashka Tor valley. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 4 / Trek > Jety Oguz (3225 m):

In the morning, we go up to the neck of Archali Tor at 3860m. This is a delicate pass for horses in case of bad weather. The whistles of marmots accompany us up to the foot of the pass. Picnic after the pass with the beautiful view on the nature. Descent to the Asantukum Valley. Through the bushes and small forest of Jety-Oguz, we reach our camp along the Jety-Oguz river. Dinner and overnight in tents along the river.

Day 5 / Trek > Exploration the valley Jety-Oguz (3225 m):

After breakfast, we go back to an output. The destination leads us to the top of Oguz Bashi which rises to 5200m. Along the Jety-Oguz river, we reach the moraine peak Oguz Bashi. The extraordinary sight. Outdoor picnic. Return to camp along the same path. Night and dinner at the same place as the day before.

Day 6 / Trek > Base at the Pass Teleti (3000 m):

Down by the river to the confluence with the Teleti Valley. There, our horses are leaving because the pass Teleti is impassable by horses. Instead of horse saddles, we have people who wear our affairs (15kg Standard by a carrier). Start trek to the accompaniment of the carriers. Arrival to the camp at the foot of Teleti collar. Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 7 / Trek > Pass Teleti (3800 m), river Karakol (2530 m):

Reach the pass right from the morning. Arriving to the top, at 3800m. Nice panoramic view of Karakol Valley. Descent to Karakol river. Setting up camp near a large stone. This place is called Chon Tash, which means large stone. Dinner and overnight in tents along the river in Karakol valley.

Day 8 / Trek > Sirota hut (2980 m):

After breakfast we go down to cross the river. There is a bridge over the river. A vehicle will supply us for the 2 nights of camping. Crossing the river. Steep climbing through a small forest. Outdoor picnic. Following road through the bushes Kurgak Tor valley. In the afternoon, we reach the camp of mountaineers, built with the wood by visitors from the soviet era. Setting up camp in the forest near Sirota Hut.

Day 9 / Trek > Lake and Pass Ala Kul (3810 m), Altyn Arashan (2540 m):

It is a long step. Along the small stream flowing from Lake Ala-Kul, we go to the lake. The Ala-Kul lake is at 3500m. Amid the rocky peaks. A quick stop by the lake. Following trek to the summit, the Ala-Kul Pass, at 3800m. From the pass we have a splendid view of the peaks covered with glaciers and eternal snows. Descent to Keldike Valley. There is no trail because of small pebble. Outdoor picnic. Descent to the valley of Altyn Arashan. At the end of the day, natural source of hot water, rewarded for the great day. Dinner and overnight at the shelter.

Day 10 / Trek > Aksu, transfer to Karakol (1800 m):

Last stage of our long trek in the heart of Terskei Ala Too. Down through the track to the village of Aksu. Here our vehicle picks us. Transfer to Karakol, the administrative center of the Issyk-Kul region. Installation in a guest house. Shower and rest after a long trekking. Folk dinner with a friendly family Dungane (Chinese Muslim). Overnight in a local guest house.

Day 11 / Karakol > Kochkorka (2000 m):

Excursion day. In the morning we visit the town of Karakol. This is a charming town sheltering the typical Russian colonial houses. Visit of Saint Trinity Cathedral and Mosque of Dungane. Then, we drive to the Memorial Museum Prjevalsky, great Russian explorer of Asia in the 19th century. Following the road through the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Outdoor picnic. Arrival to Cholpon Ata – big city full of seaside resorts. Visit of Rukh Ordo, ethno spiritual complex. Following the road to the village of Kochkor. Accommodation in a local homestay in the village of Kochkor. Dinner and overnight with the local family.

Day 12 / Kochkorka > Lake Song Kul (3090 m):

After breakfast visit of the Kochkor handicraft center. Demonstration of making felt wool of sheep. Purchase of the picnic. Following road to the lake Son Kul, the jewel of the nomads. We cross the pass of Kalmak Ashu at 3446m. A panoramic view opens for us. Walk down from the pass. Outdoor picnic. Below our vehicle reaches the southern shore of the lake. Installation in a yurt camp. Dinner and overnight in a yurt.

Day 13 / Trek > Song Kul (3090 m):

Discovery day of the life of nomads. We walk on foot in search of petroglyphs. We go up to have a panoramic view of Lake of the surrounding mountain. Back to camp. Demonstration of equestrian games. Night and dinner at the same yurt camp as the day before.

Day 14 / Song Kul > Kyzyl Korgon (1400 m):

Early departure. We cross the pass of Kara-Keche at 3225m. Down to the coal mine Kara-Keche with the picturesque view of coal mine. This is a mine that provides the Kyrgyz people with coal during the winter. Along the stream of water, we reach the arid valley of Jumgal. Arriving to the village of Chaek, buying food from its small market. Following the road to canyon Kizil Korgon. Arrival to the camp, which represents a small oasis between the river and the huge red walls. Setting up camp for 2 nights.

Day 15 / Trek > Red Canyon, Kyzyl Korgon (1400 m):

After breakfast, we leave for one day of walk along the arid hills in search of a waterfall. We walk to the bank of the lake. Picnic at lunch on the nature. It is also possible to fish in the river Kokomeren. Dinner and overnight in tents in the same place as the day before.

Day 16 / Kyzyl Korgon > Sussamyr > Bishkek (700 m):

Destination to the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. We walk along the river Kokomeren up the highway that connects the south and north. On the road visit a small museum devoted to a local hero of the Suusamyr Valley. Outdoor picnic. Drive through the beautiful valley Suusamyr and the highest pass Too Ashuu with the tunnel on the top. At the end of the day, we arrive to Bishkek, check into a guest house. Dinner in a typical restaurant. Overnight in guest house.

Day 17 / Bishkek: 

Day dedicated to the discovery of the Kyrgyz capital. Visit the National Museum, the central and important places. Lunch in a typical restaurant. Free time to visit OSH market/bazaar for shopping. Osh bazaar is very colorful and lively. Dinner in a typical restaurant in the city center. Overnight in a guest house. 

Day 18 / Flight to Home: 

Transfer to the international airport Manas and flight back to home. End of service! 


Duration: 18 days

Physicality: 12/12

Travel to Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is considered to be the country of nomads and celestial mountains. I’m Nomad invites you to experience the main attractions of Kyrgyz countries. The program includes visits to important attractions in the Silk Road, walking in the middle of the Celestial Mountains, meeting with nomadic people and unforgettable experience in the land of nomads.

Highlights: Issyk-Kul lake, Jeti-Oguz valley, Ala-Kul lake, Karakol National Park, Kochkor, Son Kul lake, Kokomeren river&canyon, Suusamyr valley.

Itinerary: Bishkek > Chon Kemin > Tamga > Karakol > Kochkor > Son-Kul lake > Kizil Korgon > Suusamyr > Bishkek.

Level: + medium

Equipments: Backpacks, Sleeping bags, Mattrasses

Price per person in USD


The Kyrgyz visa is required for citizens of EU, Canada, Japan and CIS. Simply provide the passport 6 months validity. 
The program is indicative. It is subjected to changes in the functions of flight schedules, weather conditions and other unforeseen conditions. 
I’m Nomad recommends you to do 8hours of sport a week before arriving. 
The average altitude in trekking, 2900m. 
The nights can be chilly, there must be adequate sleeping bags that can withstand 0C °.Provide your personal medicament because the guide has only a basic pharmacy. 
In strong USD rate change, we reserve the right to modify the program or price. The current rate of 1 USD = 65 KGS. 
According to the possibility, I’m Nomad suggests you to read the Lonely Planet guidebook. 
Please, contact with I’m Nomad three days before the trip ! 
Hope to see you in the Land of Nomads!The team of I’m Nomad !


Additional information:

LOCATION - Kyrgyzstan

AGE - 18+ 

DATES - May-Sep

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