Day 1: Bishkek - Karakol:

Pick-up at Manas Airport and transfer to a guest house where you can take a shower and eat breakfast. After breakfast, visit an old garrison museum, then continue driving along the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul, eventually arriving in Karakol. Once in Karakol, visit the Przhewalski garrison museum. Overnight accommodations at a guest house.

Meals/B L D/ Guest House.

Day 2: Karakol - Juuku Gorge: 

In Karakol, visit a historic Orthodox church and Dungan mosque, as well as the Przhewalski museum. Afterwards, head towards the local market where you can try some shashlyk, grilled meat on a skewer, or the traditional dish of Ashlyam Fu, a spicy soup served chilled. Transfer to Jety Oguz valley. Exploration around. Lunch at the yourts at the yourt camp. Go for a walk in the woods. Than drive to Juukuchak valley. Enjoying with a natural hot springs. Picnic in the nature. Walking around and evening maating with a horse guide and hosrses. Installation of the camp. 

Meals/B L D/Guest House 

Day 3-5: Juuku Gorge: 

Ride across Juuku Pass (3,800 m) and meet up with some local nomads and shepherds who will lead us to a gorgeous high elevation land platform. Overnight in tents. 

Meals/B L D/Tents 

Day 6 Kumtor Gorge: 

Head down to Kumtor Gorge, where we’ll see a huge gold mine and the Ak Shyyrak ridge. Overnight in tents.

Meals/B L D/Tents 

Day 7: Ak Bel Pass: 

Pass the Ak Shyyrak ridege via Ak Bel Pass. Between the gold mine and areas where nomadic hunters tread, we’ll find ourselves traversing ancient paths once used by caravans. Overnight in tents.

Meals/B L D/Tents 

Day 8: Ishtik Pass: 

Continue on towards an ancient caravanserai, Ishtik. Relax and set up camp for the night. 

Meals/B L D/Base Camp or tents 

Day 9: Ishtik – Tez Canyon: 

In the morning we’ll ride towards the Chinese border where we’ll see some breathtaking scenery. Head back to the Ishtik River and then pass through the Tez Canyon until we reach a small farm.

Meals/B L D/Tents 

Day 10: Tez Canyons - Tamga: 

Here we’ll leave the horses and make for Kara Sai, a natural land platform. Eat dinner with a local yak herder, then head towards Lake Issyk Kul, crossing Suyak Pass (4,021 m) and Barskoon Pass (3,754 m) before arriving in Tamga. Overnight accommodations at a guest house.Meals/B L D/Guest House 

Day 11: Tamga – Bishkek: 

Leave Tamga and transfer to Bishkek where you can pick up some souvenirs and walk around. Overnight accommodations at a hotel or guest house. 

Meals/B LD/Guest House 

Day 12:

Manas AirportTransfer to Manas Airport. End of service! 


Duration: 12 days

Physicality: 12/12

Find the footsteps of Marco Polo in the Tien Shan. This unique adventure will take youinto a country resting on the high plateaus of Kyrgyzstan. With the agility and enduranceof Kyrgyz horses, you will easily cross the mountains and rivers. This adventure takes youinside the caravan trails to the borders of the empire of Hans

Highlights: Kyrgyz capital, Bokonbaeva village, eagle hunting, handycraft felt center, Issykkul lake, Barskoon valley, Yurt stay, Nomad’s Life, hot spring, high mountains, Karakol city, Cholpon Ata city.

Itinerary: Bishkek > Bokonbaeva > Barskoon > Syrte Arabel > Djuuku valley > Karakol city > Bishkek.

Level: Medium

Equipments: sleeping bag, mattress.

Price per person in USD

The visa is not required for Swiss nationals, EU, Canadian and Japanese passport with at least 6 months valid for a period do not exceed 60 days. No mandatory vaccine. 
Payment of the trip, please read it in the Term&Conditions. 
Equipment for the trip, please read it in the Term&Conditions. 
Provide your personal medicament because the guide has only a basic pharmacy. Medicament for stomach, head ache, cold, external wounds. 
To do this trekking, you have to be experienced riders. 

Get unforgettable memories in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan ! I’m Nomad Team



Additional information:

LOCATION - Kyrgyzstan

AGE - 14+

DATES - Jun-Sep


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