Birds of prey – August 2023

Rich history about hunting of nomads people 

The Birds of Prey Festival takes place every August, with proud owners bringing their avian treasures to take part in contests.Traditionally, birds of prey such as the falcon and the golden eagle were captured as chicks and trained by nomadic people to hunt small animals for food. Taking place on the southern shore of Issyk Kul Lake at the Jaichy yurt camp. While traditional cuisine and handicrafts – particularly the Kyrgyz women’s colorful felt designs – are enough of an attraction in themselves, the real event that takes place is a demonstration of traditional hunting techniques using trained eagles and taigans. In addition to the aviary spectacle, storytellers recite the ancient Kyrgyz epic of Manas, an oral recitation of Kyrgyz national history. 

Duration of the festival 1 day, Opening of the festival at 13 August 2017. 

I’m Nomad wishes you organize a trip to this hunting festival. This event counte second largest festival in Kyrgyzstan and duration just one day. We offer you a trip for 7 days holiday visiting to 2 biggest lakes Issyk Kul and Son Kul. The program guaranteed really discovery of the nomad’s life and nomad’s mountains with a days hiking and horseback riding. 


Day 1 / 11 AugustBishkek – Karakol city, Issykkul lake: 

Arrival to Manas airport in Bishkek. Meeting with the Kyrgyz guide translator and driver. Transfer to the guest house in the center of the Kyrgyz capital. Shower, rest and breakfast after a long flight. We head to Lake Issyk-Kul, the pearl of Tien Shan, the first curiosity of Kyrgyzstan. Lunch in a restaurant at the canyon Boom. Afternoon, we drive to the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Stop on the beach of Cholpon Ata. Opportunity to swim in the lake. In the late afternoon arrival to Karakol. Installation in a local guest house. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in the guest house.450km transfer by car.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Guest House 

Day 2 / 12 AugustKarakol – Jety Oguz valley: 

Early morning we drive to mountain till Chon Kyzyl Suu valley. Meeting with equestrian guide and horses. Today we join with horseback riding tour. The itinerary of riding is easy, crossing the pass at 2400 m. altitude. Visiting the pastures with local shepherds. Picnic on the top of pass. Arrival to Jeti Oguz valley, the valley of the Seven Bulls, the famous place in southern shore of the lake Issykkul. Installation in yourt camp.30km transfer by car.5h horse riding. Breakfast/Picnic/Dinner. Yourt camp 

Day 3 / 13 AugustJety Oguz valley – Bokonbaeva, Festival day: 

After breakfast following the road to the southern shore of the lake. Arriving to the village of Bokonbaeva. We participate to festival. Installation in home stay in Bokonbaeva. Dinner with local family.100km transfer by car.Festival day. Home stay. B/L/D. 

Day 4 / 14 AugustBokonbaeva – Son Kul lake: 

Morning departure. Visit the manufacturing of the yurt. The manufacturer will show you the proccess of constrcting the yurt. Then visit the handicraft center in Kochkor. Possibility to buy handmade souvenirs. Lunch in Kochkor. We drive through the Pass of Kalmak Ashu, special pass joining the mountainous lake Son-Kul. Nice panoramic view from the pass to the mountainous lake. Son Kul lake is a paradise for nomadic people. Local shepherds come for the summer to pasture their animals and live there untill October. Arrival to the yurt camp on the southern shore. Installation in warm yurts. Walk and free time at the yurt camp. Dinner and overnight in the yurt. Night under the crystal clear sky with the view for the innumerous stars.300km transfer by car. B/L/D. Yourt camp 

Day 5 / 15 AugustSon Kul – Kizil Oy: 

After a good night in a yurt, we start driving towards the pass of Kara Keche at 3321m. Stop near the pass of the panoramic view for the coal mine. Descent to the village Chaek. Picnic along the river. We drive along the beautiful river Kokomeren. The magnifique landscape, the red-colored mountains. At the end of the day arrival to the village of Kizil Oy. Accommodation in a local homestay. Dinner and overnight in the mountainous village with a local kyrgyz friendly family.130km transfer by car. B/L/D. Guest house. 

Day 6 / 16 AugustKizil Oy – Bishkek: 

After breakfast with the local family, we move to the capital of the nomads. Driving in the grand valley of Suusumyr. Picnic on the way. Crossing the pass Too Ashu 3500 m. altitude. Arrival to Bishkek, installation in guest house. City tour, visit to Osh bazaar, shopping. Dinner at local restaurant. In the night transfer to airport. 

End of service.250km transfer by car. 

B/L/D. Guest house.