Autumn time


September – moving of the nomads from the summer pastures to the villages.Are you willing to stay in the yurts in autumn with the nomads? Then it is still possible to stay at Son Kul lake. September is wonderful month of autumn in Kyrgyzstan. You will see a lot more activities of nomads moving from pastures to the villages with their horses and sheeps, school children after a long summer holiday going to schools and agriculturing in the fields. Wedding parties in the cities and villages give more energy and attracts many people. These all discribe the best golden autumn in Kyrgyzstan. The weather gets colder and rainy to swim in Yssyk Kul lake, but autumn is considered perfect time to do some sports in the mountains. 
All the activities are avaiable to do – horseback riding, trekking, hiking, cultural tours and weekend tours in nomad lands of Kyrgyzstan.