Tourist Information Center in Toktogul

In march of 2015, we opened the tourist Information Center in Toktogul city.
For the first year of work, we served around 40 tourists.

At the moment, we are offering the following services:
— Accommodation,
— Restaurants & Bars,
— Transportation,
— Equestrian guides services.

The TIC project is a first for the developpment of the rural area. For 2016, I’m Nomad team will coach the local team for guiding in the mountains area, create the new works places as guide, cook, and office manager at the office of TIC.

TIC team needs for the equipments for outdoors activities as tent, sleeping bags, backpacks, raincoats and others outdoors gears.

In the office of TIC — Toktogul, you can use the free internet, drink coffey or tea.

Contact number: +996 701 51 54 03