Come ride along with I'M NOMAD as we traverse the ancient paths of the Silk Road. The Silk Road played a pivotal role in the shaping of Kygyz history, and to this day continues to hold a special place in Kyrgyz society and history. You can traverse the same territory where caravans journeyed, visit to architectural complexes, as well as fortress ruins. Our tours offer the opportunity to participate in the daily life of a Kyrgyz family and to experience firsthand life in the mountains.
Trips vary from 3-15 days, and we offer a variety of vehicles to handle all types of terrain and services for the participants.


Jeep tour, 9 days in Kyrgyzstan

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2.5 / 2 reviews
per person

Travel Kyrgyzstan 2 — 13 days

Discover the land of nomads lost in the middle of Asia. Nomads are
12 days

Travel Kyrgyzstan 5 — 6 days

I'm Nomad invites you to discover the fascinating region, lost in the middle
6 days

Travel to Kyrgyzstan 01 – 9 days

Kyrgyzstan, a country of nomads, situated in the heart of Central Asia. The
4.33 / 3 reviews
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10 days

(English) Cultural Tour — Discover Kyrgyzstan in 2 weeks 03-14 days

(English) In two weeks, I'm Nomad allows you to discover the authentic Kyrgyzstan;
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14 days