Questions about trip logistics

We accept both Euros and U.S. Dollars.  Each program indicates the preferred currency to pay your invoice.  If you need to pay in another currency, we can also accept it. Please let us know in advance of payment what currency you will use.

During your treks, our staff will take care of transporting your packs and heavy item by horse or donkey. You can take a small backpack with some water and other personal belongings.

Transportation from Manas International Airport (FRU) in Bishkek is included in the price. Our guide will greet you outside the airport terminal with either your name or our company’s name.

There are also taxis or marshrutkas outside the airport terminal. Pre-paid taxi service is also available at the airport.

Accommodation ranges from 5-star chain hotels and resorts to comfortable lodges in Bishkek and major tourist destinations. The hotels offer specialty restaurants, conference facilities, exclusive health clubs and business centers. You also have the option of homestay in houses with local people who will prepare their traditional food.

In the villages, you will stay with local people in guest houses or yurts.  A yurt is a portable, round tent covered with animal skins or felt  and is used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.

Kyrgyz staples include meat, bread, cheese, and tea. Apart from Kyrgyz cuisine, Bishkek has restaurants serving Continental, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Italian and Korean food.

Traveling with I’m Nomad gives you access to various types of food. Please let our experts know if you have dietary restrictions and we can design meals specific to your needs.