Questions about health and security

Insurance is not included in our prices, and we recommend you to have coverage before you arrive.

Our guides know first aid and can provide basic medications. Please bring any special medication that you may require.

Please let us know if you have any allergies.

Kyrgyzstan has hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics.  Your hotel, guest house owner or guide can provide assistance on accessing these services.

We recommend checking your country’s embassy page prior to departure for any alerts or warnings. The U.S. Department of State offers the following tips here.

Exercise caution as you would traveling anywhere.

Do not display your cash or expensive items.

Always lock your room and baggage.

Do not trek alone. Trek with a guide from a registered agency.

Our guides are always ready to help you with security and travel-related problems.

If any valuable items are lost, you can contact the police.Our guides are not responsible for the lost items.