Freeride Ski Base Kyzyl Suu

Freeride Ski Base Kyzyl Suu

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Freeride Ski Base Kyzyl Suu

We are very happy to announce our unique service and beautiful mountain landscape. Winter period is very comfortable and attracts many tourists exactly for adventurous recreation. About the developing winter tourism in Kyrgyzstan is not like in Europe countries, huge ski resorts, big hotels, vip services and others, but we have an unique service for skiers is freeride skiing. Many Tour Agencies and local guides offer their services for freeride skiing. Skiing in the wild slopes with fresh and soft snow is more interesting than skiing in ski resorts. We usually set the yurts up under the tops of mountains to make skiing comfortable. Riders stays in Kyrgyz national yurts and early morning rides to top. Don’t think that the yurts made of felt are cold at nights to stay, there are special heater to heat the yurts all day and night, and it is going to be hot and comfortable. And every person gets space with Kyrgyz beds. There are 4-5 beds in each yurt.

Kyrgyz horses are strong and born for mountain conditions. They can easily carry weight of 70/90 kg in winter. First of all we will teach you how to ride the horses in winter and how to fix the ski equipments on them. We ride the horses to get to the top and the skiers can hike more higher on feet or from there start freeride skiing down. Usually it takes about 2, 3 hours to get to top on the horsebacks.

How do you get meals in our base: There is a wagon for kitchen and for the meals. Chef cooks all the basic Kyrgyz and european foods. The hot meal is 3 times a day so the skiers ski hearty – is it very important!

Freeride base “Kyzyl Suu” is located 40 km from Karakol town on the south side of Yssyk Kul. We offer to ski at altitude from 2700 to 3300m above see level and length of descent from 2km to 7km. Transports except 4×4 cars can’t drive in to freeride base and we use sleighs with very strong horses to reach. And don’t think it is cold and far, you won’t feel cold and distance when you are on sleigh by enjoying beauty of nature.

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